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The two castings are attached to the main casting with a rod that is visible from, and ground flush to, the sides of the tool.

The rod is driven into the main casting from one direction only so if you have to drive it out, and it's not budging, flip it over and drive it from the other side.

Needs a cam, slitter, screw to secure rear depth stop and few blades to complete, a fine usable plane. Stanley #37 Jenny prelateral transitional jack plane with solid adjuster nut, fine tote and beaded knob, japanning on frame has been enhanced, nice eagle logo stamped into toe, very good overall. Stanley #41 Miller's Patent combination plow plane with intact fillester bed, wrap around fence, regular iron fence, early model with elongated top handle spur, and no provision for rear depth stop or slitter, very good overall. Stanley #18 sliding bevel with 10-inch blade, fine overall; plus a rosewood tool handle marked ROLLIS PAT on the chuck, seven bits including chisel, gouge, saw, reamer; chuck is loose, good overall.

Lot of tool publications: four Delta or DELTACRAFT booklets; Stanley Pistol Grip Saw Sets; DISSTON SAWS & TOOLS FOR THE FARM booklet; two Steel Carpenters Squares books; File Filosophy by Nicholson File Company. Stanley #3 prelateral smooth plane, good R&L logo blade, vertical cracks at base of beaded knob; tote broken at bottom and glued; recessed adjuster nut, rectangular spring on back of cap, very good overall. Stanley #45 combination plow plane with all three main sections; short and long rods; fine rosewood handle and knob, three depth stops, and cutter box with three beads, nine plows, one match and one sash blades. badger plane with cracked ear, broken nicker wedge, numerous nicks and dings, can be put back into service.

This auction will feature Stanley and other patented tools from the Arlet and Sandra Cassaidy collection of Waterloo, Iowa; modern Lie-Nielsen, Veritas, Lee Valley, Ulmia and other new old stock tools including carving tools and an ANKE traditional woodworking work bench MADE IN GERMANY in new condition from the collection of the late Brian Galassini, from Winnetka, IL; and other quality tools from collections in Carver, Minnesota and Goodfield, Illinois.011. #4 1/2 transitional wide body smooth plane (same size as Stanley 4 1/2) good original blade body has a few stains, tote and knob look like they were repainted, very good overall. Lot of 11 tool publications: Reprinted Stanley Tools No.

129 catalog, cover coming off, but inside OK; plus THE HANDYMANS BOOK by Paul N.

Today Stanley builds on their rich history, offering quality hand planes true to Bailey and his work. For your convenience, you may browse for our Stanley Hand Planes below.

If you plan to do a lot of scraping, these are nice to own since they save your fingers from getting burned (due to the friction between the scraper and the wood).These kind are pushed or pulled, and are suited for smoothing the bottom of a groove, mortice, or whatever, which is lower than the general surface of the piece being worked.They were very popular tools, especially with patternmakers and stairbuilders. Stanley's minister of propaganda, in a leaflet distributed with the tool, stated: "For surfacing the bottom of grooves or other depressions parallel to the surface of the work.A grooved post receives the cutter, which is locked into position by a thumb screw activated clamping collar.This collar, as well as the cutters, are very easy to lose, and these planes are often found minus them.All items listed are complete with original, vintage parts without defects.

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