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On her quest to reveal what a regular sex worker's customer looks like, de Middel traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where laws do not forbid adult prostitution (trading sex for money) but are against running brothels or employing prostitutes in any other way.

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She started working at Lockhart High last September, according to her page on the school’s website.

According to the photographer, she is not taking a stance on the legalization of sex work, her intentions are purely devoted to "telling the story in its complete form." But not everyone liked de Middel's idea.

"This story is full of fallacies because the same magazines have published many stories about prostitutes in the past. Newspapers condemn prostitution and sex workers, treat them like outcasts, but advertise their services a few pages further."is an ongoing project that de Middel wishes to continue in Mexico, Thailand and possibly Amsterdam.

Court documents indicate that the family did not live in Virginia.

The Navy lists Seerden’s home of record in Missouri. Court records show that federal magistrate William V.

‘Student safety is the district’s most important priority.

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