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Ville Hermanni Valo (born 22 November 1976) is a Finnish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best known as the lead vocalist and main songwriter of the Finnish gothic rock band HIM.

Influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath and Type O Negative, Valo began his career playing bass and drums in various bands around Helsinki, before forming HIM in 1991.

It was the first of Sinatra and Hazlewood's string of popular duets.

Lyrically, "Summer Wine" describes a man, voiced by Hazlewood, who meets a woman, Sinatra, who notices his silver spurs and invites him to have wine with her.

TRIBUTE TO TURBONEGRO – In 2000 Him recorded a cover of the song "Rendez-Vous with Anus"for the Turbonegro tribute album, "Alpha Motherfuckers" release in 2001, June 26.

TWO WITHCES – Ville provided backing vocals in"Dracula Rising" and played guitar in the song "Mad Man" from Saints And Sinners album.

It's hard to hear Ville's voice TEHOSEKOITIN - Ville provided backing-vocals in the l'album "Freak Out" released in 1999).

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