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The group was established in 1998 and today consists of companies in Moscow and St.-Petersburg, rendering publishing, research, consultancy, and conference services. The key competence of COMNEWS is to produce and distribute the original content with a guarantee of quality and efficient audience reach.

Kissinger and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and said they were evidence of a Government effort to harass Mr. A Government prosecutor said later that he might put Mr. Director and is now Director of Central Intelligence. John Markham, an assistant United States attorney, told Federal District Judge, Robert Keeton, that he might call Mr. La Rouche contends he has been the target of a 20-year Government vendetta that climaxed in 1984 because of his outspoken criticism of the Administration's efforts to aid the rebels in Nicaragua...".

Rankings and Broadcasting and Who is Who in Telecoms and Broadcasting annual directories, and Broadband & Satellite Russia newsletter.

Besides that we run a consulting company Com News Research, and Com News Conferences, a professional organizer of industrial forums and exhibitions.

Over this time, the proportion of Neanderthal DNA decreased from 3–6% to around 2%, consistent with natural selection against Neanderthal variants in modern humans.

Whereas there is no evidence of the earliest modern humans in Europe contributing to the genetic composition of present-day Europeans, all individuals between ~37,000 and ~14,000 years ago descended from a single founder population which forms part of the ancestry of present-day Europeans.

These results document how population turnover and migration have been recurring themes of European prehistory.

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