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The Department was founded in 2007 replacing the more broadly based Center for Neurobiology and Behavior. Among them are two Nobel Prize winners Eric Kandel (2000) and Richard Axel (2004); five Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators; eight members of the National Academy of Sciences; and 13 members of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.

The textbook Principles of Neural Science, which counts numerous Columbia faculty as co-authors, is the most widely used neuroscience text in the world.

On top of that, don’t expect every relationship with the opposite sex (or same sex — whatever floats your boat) to become romantic.

There is nothing like an amazing group of platonic friends with whom you may eventually sulk over your amorous affairs.

Arnold signed on in 1958 and became the founding chairman of the chemistry department two years later.

The welcoming atmosphere, the interesting class, and all of the clubs and orgs you can be a part of.

Arnold, a University of California San Diego chemist who helped develop the radiocarbon dating technique that's widely used in archaeology and later analyzed some of the first moon rocks brought to Earth by the Apollo astronauts, died Jan. "Jim Arnold truly was a visionary scientist who found creative ways of looking at a broad range of problems, terrestrial and extraterrestrial," Mark Thiemens, the university's dean of physical sciences, said in a statement. "He never told us what it was about, but he said he didn't much mind because it was wrong.

Arnold's tenure at Chicago was brief; he moved on to Harvard, where he was a National Research Fellow.

Then he returned to Princeton in 1955, joining the faculty. Arnold's research on cosmic rays and other areas of science caught the attention of Roger Revelle, who was looking for talented faculty for the newly planned UC San Diego campus.

My friends and I always like to joke about getting into relationships.

It’s that self-deprecating humor that really motivates us (maybe we’re doing this wrong).

Arnold, a geophysical chemist, contributed to Libby's effort to develop radiocarbon dating, which revolutionized archeology and paleontology.

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