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Devit wears heavy makeup around his eyes and has the stigmata on his forehead.He wears a wifebeater, tight leather pants with corset stitching, with the left pant leg ending at his thigh, and a fur-lined leather jacket. Recently, his hair has gotten longer, and he wears a little less make-up than he used to.Instead, he wears thick bandages over his forearms and hands, which resemble casts.In addition, he wears what appears to be an adornment made of ribbons on his head that ends in a lantern ball. Recently, his hair seems to have gotten longer, and he no longer has stitches over his mouth. Jasdero is most of the time leaning, making him look shorter than his brother whereas they are the same height.He also appears to be showing more skin, his chest is exposed, and he retains a shorter pant leg.

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