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"Not big" in the currency of Portuguese wave-riding turns out to mean waves that are easily "double overhead" (double the height of your average surfer), and which occasionally spike even higher. And I, not the bravest of big-wave riders, am slightly going off the whole idea of being there.A chorus of whoops from the 20 or so surfers strung out behind the point announces another monster wave.

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There exist records of surfing on North Carolina’s coast dating back to the first decade of the twentieth century, the same time as a surfing revival in Hawaii.Benchmarking this against Broadband Delivery UK's target to provide superfast broadband coverage to 90% of the UK by 2016, the Internet penetration stats seem to indicate that the UK is making steady progress.When it comes to social media, 59% of the UK population has active social media accounts, 1% proportionally higher than the USA. Living without the Internet can affect almost every aspect of a person's daily life.The craft is surely here to stay, with North Carolina ranking as one of the most popular states for surfing.“It’s unbelievable that North Carolina has such a massive surf following that has gone majorly unexamined,” said David Cartier, public relations coordinator for the North Carolina Maritime Museums.The treacherous tides and sneaky sandbars of North Carolina’s coast have drawn wave junkies and fans to places like Rodanthe, Cape Hatteras, Atlantic Beach, Wrightsvillle Beach and more for decades.

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