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The academic study of Slavery in Ancient Greece is beset by significant methodological problems.Documentation is disjointed and very fragmented, focusing primarily on Athens.’ I sent her my ‘Goldilocks’ list – some things that – while not perfect, and certainly not sure-fire hits with anyone, worked pretty well for me at one time or another.This list comes with a few huge caveats: In the right context, doing your hair can be deeply sexy. The Pune Couples Seeking Men category is the place to find the man you seek.

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Slavery was a very common practice in Ancient Greece, as in other places of the time.Modern historiographical practice distinguishes chattel (personal possession, where the slave was regarded as a piece of property as opposed to a mobile member of society) slavery from land-bonded groups such as the penestae of Thessaly or the Spartan helots, who were more like medieval serfs (an enhancement to real estate).The chattel helot is an individual deprived of liberty and forced to submit to an owner, who may buy, sell, or lease them like any other chattel.Sometimes they don’t know what questions to ask or where to begin.So this article is specifically for such people who’d like a gentle introduction to D/s play and some tips to get started.If you already know your specific desire, let's talk about things to consider when finding someone specifically to fulfill your BDSM needs.

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