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For ICANN, each bid for a new g TLD brought in 5,000 plus whatever they make from other fees. SINGLES are funny, but it's not worth spending the money on a domain name just for a joke. The "cheap" solution is you'll need to buy those domains names. As several lawyers from the top international law firm K&L Gates recently observed in a blog posting, "A virtually limitless number of domain names will very soon open for registration under these new TLDs, with the potential for widespread abusive registrations and cybersquatting." They're right. Even then, as K&L Gates pointed out, there's "considerable debate has surrounded whether the Clearinghouse goes far enough to protect intellectual property rights." For example, the "Clearinghouse will only protect against abusive registration of an 'Identical Match' to a trademark.

Of course, if a domain registrant ends up owning what proves to be a popular g TLD they can make a handsome profit from registering sites that use that g TLD. The average price for a domain name is about to a year per domain. True, you can use the ICANN 'Trademark Clearinghouse' a centralized database of trademarks, to protect your trademarks at the second level of new g TLDs. An 'Identical Match' is determined according to strict rules, with only domain names using varied spacing, hyphens and other punctuation being recognized as a match.

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