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Note: This template is available for use within the Unbounce landing page platform suite of landing page templates. Mobile Commons again does a nice job here, making sure the conversion area stands out from the rest of the page and making it clear where you need to go to complete your interaction with the page.Button color: The CTA should be changed to stand out more from the rest of the page. It is a nice contrast to the form background, but overall the page has conflicting colors.To demonstrate how to apply these landing page design concepts, I’ll show a before and after template design example. Most are from Unbounce customers, but I’ve thrown in some scary ones too, just to mix it up, and to scare you into making your own pages better.The purpose of this particular template is to facilitate the download of an ebook in exchange for the standard name and email. I’m sure this isn’t your first landing page rodeo, so saddle up, get your design hat on and take a ride with me down landing page lane. Nicely encapsulated form area: Design principle #1 talks about the use of encapsulation to bring attention to your form areas.Crowded page could use some whitespace: Design principle #4 talks about the use of white space to improve the clarity and reading experience of your page. Firstly, I know people are afraid to remove links (or “leaks” as I call them), but you really don’t need to cite every claim you make at this point. Distractions remove people from the reason *you* have paid them to be here.By making the page a little longer, Mobile Commons could make each part of the message more clearly chunked into digestible blocks. Removing all links on the page so there is only one action will increase the engagement with the page’s conversion goal, increasing form completions and reducing the bounce rate.

Some of this could be resolved by moving the customer logos to the bottom of the page, potentially in greyscale to prevent them from conflicting with the rest of the page. There are a few things I’d suggest to keep the landing page experience intact. This will also increase the number of relevant and qualified leads.

This is what’s known as a “click through” landing page.

Other names include jump page or the beautifully named “romance page” – as the purpose of the page is to enhance the interest level of the visitor to a point where they are ready to move to second base.

From publishing posts that no one reads to posts that get thousands of views and hundreds of comments within a day.

Putting in time and effort into writing a post and then getting an average time on page of 10 seconds On a typical blog, only about 2% will spend more than two minutes reading a post. The good news is that yours doesn’t have to be a typical blog—it can be better.

A real-world style landing experience Imagine walking into a restaurant, and finding that the decor is gross, the music is too loud, the staff look sketchy, the menu has 400 options on it, they have an award on the wall for “Best meatloaf in Idaho, 1995” and to top it all off, the place is empty. Soooooooo, today we’re going to take a trip down to the Top-Notch Landing Page Store and see if we can rustle up something to inspire your next design.

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