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He is denying it but I know its true, I had to use his mobile to text his brother before coz mine is broken and the numbers were there even though he has deleted the actual texts.I only found out coz my internet service is through his mobile network and they cut it off last night so I had to call them to ask why and they told me, all the times of every text sent and received ( sat and sun night when I was upstairs on the net and he was watching tv???? I do know you are feeling very low right now and maybe this is not the time to be confronting him.Save yourself some time and effort by using abbreviations.AAF, we think you'll be LOLing by the time your done reading our list!

Attorney Frey is licensed in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio and has represented clients in jurisdictions across the country on a pro hac vice basis in matters involving allegations of internet sex crimes, computer crimes and crimes alleged to have been committed via various social media platforms and applications.

Unless you're living a seriously alternative lifestyle, you've probably been communicating via text for a while now.

You text your friends, your boyfriend(s) — even your parents.

" You know for a fact that this very same text just went out to 20 other people at exactly the same time, and that the sender is just waiting to receive all his/her options before deciding what to do.

So what if the only thing you have planned for the night is that lame-ass (but sooo good) Lifetime movie at 11?

It drives me mad all those stupid ad's with the pouting women trying to look sexy. You aren't getting anywhere with it as he seems to be digging his heels in.

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