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The sides of the Strangers’ bus are emblazoned with a Santa Fe Railway logo and the words “The Chief”; Merle’s bus, with the same logo, reads “Super Chief.” Parked, the Chief is usually bustling, its door continually swung open and shut by a Stranger off to give a concert guest pass to a friend or an autograph to a fan, to check into or out of a motel room, to get a pack of cigarettes or a frozen burrito at a convenience store during a fuel stop, or just to stretch after yet another leg of the endless drive that is the most time-consuming and exhausting aspect of a modern itinerant musician’s life.Merle’s bus, on the other hand, is usually quiet, even forbidding—its door closed, its tinted windows like drawn blinds.They hoped Cash Money would some day pull them out of one of New Orlean’s most wretchedly poor housing projects.Neither of them had any experience running a record label, or even working in the music industry. Sources close to the couple tell us the actress and NBA superstar are now living separately.

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Well, I've been working on it but the greatest of labels required a lot of work., Denny D, DJ Wop and Mannie Fresh and was probably the first rap group in the city.Support to start their label came from their father, who’d run Gladys’s Bar (at that point) for 27 years... Williams (aka Gangsta), a member of the notorious Hot Boys (not to be confused with the rap group), a D-boy clique rounded out by his friends Sterling, Dooney and Mosquito.They named the label Cash Money Records, after Nino Brown’s Cash Money Brothers in the film label handled their career).The group signed both Busta Rhymes and Mystikal at the end of 2011 to add to their impressive rooster.When Merle Haggard and his nine-person band, the Strangers, travel across the country to sing and play their complex, loose-shackled, intensely durable brand of country music, they do so in two handsome, high-ceilinged, custom touring buses.After their dissolution, Fresh hooked up with former Ninja Crew member Gregory D and they released a handful of influential, if not very widely promoted records.

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