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The Greenwood Public School District Office of Personnel is committed to the district's Mission of maximize student potential and prepare students for an ever-changing, global society.The Office of Personnel, which serves approximately 410 employees at 11 sites, provides directions on personnel issues related to the management of employees for all district departments.In a William Eggleston photograph currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a young African American woman wearing a lime green dress and a shower cap walks down a road. The landscape around her—the flat farmland, the big sky, the tin-roofed shack, and the two-lane highway—marks the place as the Mississippi Delta.It is the kind of road local people drive to reach Memphis or Clarksdale or walk to reach churches and stores and the gravel lanes that lead home.Get together singles who show your appreciate of United Declares features by no means come less complicated.Greeting to the simplest online getting to know websites to date, flirt, or discussion with singles who like United Areas present.

It is also, after Walker Evans, not a very promising place to try to make an original photograph. The dress makes this William Eggleston photograph new. Mileston Plantation, Mississippi Delta, Mississippi, 1939. In the last decade, Eggleston's sensibility has become wildly popular, but when he created his style, it stood in direct contrast to the way twentieth-century photographers had taught people to see the South.

Against the dress, the green grass and corn stalks fade. In the work of Farm Security Administration photographers, widely circulated in the 1930s and 1940s and rediscovered in the 1960s, the South was clear and crisp, black and white, geographically open before the camera and yet lost in time, its signs of modernity knocking incongruously against worn machines, buildings, and people.

The light in the overcast sky takes on a kind of lurid hue. Walker Evans, in particular, achieved new levels of fame as the Museum of Modern Art reissued his book American Photographs (1939) in 1962 and mounted a retrospective and a published catalog in 1971.

Mississippi was admitted to the union on December 10, 1817. This entitles Mississippi to send four delegates to the U. The state is divided into 82 counties and boasts 24 state parks.

Agriculture is the main industry in Mississippi, with cotton having overtaken soybeans as the main crop.

It is the kind of place where civil rights activists fear meeting sheriffs and folklorists dream of finding blind blues musicians.

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