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Sung learned horseback riding and martial arts in her role as a Baekje princess who time travels to modern-day Korea. L's digital single Corealism in late 2005, she decided to focus solely on her acting career. In 2006, she starred in One Fine Day and The Snow Queen, playing, respectively, an orphan adopted by a wealthy but suffocating family, and a cold-hearted heiress with an incurable disease.

This was followed by the romantic comedy First Love of a Royal Prince (2004), partly shot in Japan and Bali, in which Sung's fun-loving sandwich shop delivery girl was a departure from her previous feminine characters. But it was fusion-period dramedy Hong Gil-dong in 2008 that changed how the industry perceived Sung as an actress.

Sung Yuri as a member of , and of course her fellow Fin.

Sung Yu-ri (born March 3, 1981) is a German-born South Korean actress and singer. Sung turned to acting in 2002, starring in television dramas such as Thousand Years of Love (2003), The Snow Queen (2006), Hong Gil-dong (2008), and Feast of the Gods (2010).

Golfing itself allows you to isolate yourself from others and fans can't chase you in there.

I guess anyone on Healing Camp ends up dating an athlete.

She made her entertainment debut in 1998 as a member of the now-defunct K-pop group Fin. Sung Yu-ri was born in 1981 in T├╝bingen, Baden-W├╝rttemberg (in then-West Germany).

Her father Sung Jong-hyun, a prominent professor of theology at the Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary, was studying at the time in West Germany.

You think Sung Yuri, who's 33 years old, is a fool to date him without reason? [ 137, -9] A lot of celebrities seem to like dating golfers. You think Sung Yuri, who's 33 years old, is a fool to date him without reason? the two richest athletes in the world are golfers (Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson) - there is sooooo much money in the sport and in the States at least, it's a huge status symbol *shrug*This is so true tho....

Sung's family returned to South Korea when she was four years old and she grew up in Gangdong District, Seoul.

She attended Myung Elementary and Middle School, Kwang Nam High School and graduated from Kyung Hee University with Post Modern Music Major in 2005. L quickly rose in popularity, releasing four albums (Blue Rain (1998), White (1999), Now (2001), Eternity (2002)), and various singles, live concert albums and compilation albums.

Since he's born on Valentine's Day, is a February baby, Sung Hoon's zodiac sign is Aquarius.

He rose to prominence acting in TV shows like Faith, Bodyguard,, New Tales of Gisaeng.

Yuri Katsuki has always idolized famous Russian figure skater Victor Nikiforov, and dreams of one day being able to skate on the same ice as him.

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