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When Yugoslavia broke up in 1991 the ‘Socialist” was dropped and the country simply named itself the “Republic of Macedonia”.This immediately caused problems with Greece who’s northernmost region is named “Macedonia”.We met really friendly people, had fantastic food (which was a real surprise) and saw very few tourists even in July.Having come from the Croatian coast it was a relief.

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The United Nations lists Macedonia as “FYROM” (Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia).The Mail Online claims that Meghan’s team have asked Canadian-brand Reitmans to stop associating the brand with the actress.Meghan designed two collections for the company that bore her name, a Spring collection and vegan leather collection.Macedonia was also Macedonia was part of the former Yugoslavia which included what are now Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro.As part of Yugoslavia it was recognized as the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, one of 6 republics in the country.Fertig ist ein schicker Freizeitlook, der auch im Büro gut getragen werden kann.

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